Why have policies?

Having policies helps to clarify:

  • The guiding principles for the way your organisation works, and who and what it values
  • What volunteers can and can not do to ensure their safety, inclusion, satisfaction, comfort and enjoyment (and, in turn, what your organisation will do)
  • How everyone in your organisation will be treated – fairly, equally and respectfully
  • How your organisation will respond to, or support, volunteers in certain situations, such as if English isn't their main language, if there's an accident, if they spend their own money on the job, if they get asked to do certain tasks, if they have a concern.

While developing policies can seem like a daunting task, they save enormous time and energy in the long run and help keep everyone in your organisation safe, involved and included.

Providing a fair, professional and organised environment helps your volunteers feel that the organisation knows what it is doing and respects and appreciates its volunteers.

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