Ongoing review

Make sure that your organisation's policies stay current and relevant by documenting an ongoing review process.

The review cycle may vary depending on your organisation, but it could be done every 1–3 years. Procedures may need to be reviewed more frequently. Review dates should be set to allow time for the revision and approvals processes.

You might find that it's easiest to create a policy management policy about how to manage this process! This should include:

  • Who is responsible for carrying out reviews
  • How often the policy should be reviewed
  • The process you will follow
  • How you will document changes that have been made
  • Who can approve the changes.

Key questions to ask in a review are:

  • Is the policy still relevant and accurate?
  • Does the policy still meet best practice guidelines?
  • Have any laws or regulations changed since the policy was created? If so, what are the implications?
  • Have changes in technology affected the impact of the policy?
  • Are there new risks that the policy should address?
  • Is the policy easy to understand?
  • Does this policy still correctly convey the vision and goals of the business?
  • What is the impact of changing the policy?

When reviewing your procedures, you should ask:

  • Do you still have appropriate resources and staff to carry out the procedure – or do you need to re-evaluate how it is done?
  • How do your volunteers feel about the process? They might have good ideas on how it can be streamlined or updated. This could feed into a continuous improvement cycle.

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