Expense reimbursement

An expenses policy outlines your approach to reimbursing volunteers for out of pocket expenses. It also needs to be clear about what expenses are covered which are not, and if there are any alternatives to reimbursement.

Some organisations will also need to include who can approve expenditure and what their delegation levels are (how much they can approve).

Out of pocket expenses can include:

  • Public transport or mileage allowances
  • Stationery or office supplies
  • Mobile phone use
  • Specialist protective clothing or other essential equipment.

You might also include that any exceptional costs, or costs associated with using a home phone or internet account to carry out volunteer duties, must be agreed to in advance by the manager.

When you write your procedure include details like:

  • Receipts must be provided to receive a reimbursement
  • Volunteers must submit an expense claim form to their manager for approval
  • Expense claim forms must be submitted within one month of expenditure
  • Expenses will be reimbursed within seven days of being submitted.

This links to National Standards for Involving Volunteers No.4 – Work and the workplace.

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