Volunteering code of practice

A code of practice outlines how your organisation will conduct itself in regard to working with volunteers. It demonstrates your organisation's duty of care to its volunteers and broadly outlines your commitment to supporting and recognising volunteers within your organisation.

It is essential to outline how volunteer involvement fits with the mission and goals of your organisation. Developing a code of practice will help to articulate this.

Volunteering Australia has endorsed a Model code of practice which many organisations use as a basis for their own. This model covers the requirements of the National Standards.

The standards that you outline in the code of practice are then reflected in more detail through your organisation's volunteer-related policies and procedures.

Implementing your code of practice

Having a code of practice provides a clear approach for your organisation to take when involving volunteers, but it then needs to be embedded in your workplace.

Think about how you will communicate your code of practice (and policies and procedures) to new volunteers, as well as existing staff and volunteers.

Tools and resources