Volunteer agreement

A volunteer agreement is basically a code of conduct which clearly informs a volunteer about what is expected of them and what they can expect from the organisation.

There is no legal requirement to provide a volunteer agreement – it is up to you to decide if it would be appropriate within your organisation. It can be a good way to clarify the expectations of the volunteer role, particularly for long-term volunteers or those taking on a major project. You might also like to use it to establish a commitment between you and your volunteers.

If you do decide to use a volunteer agreement, try not to make it too formal or complex. Remember that it is not a contract – and you don't want it to seem daunting to your volunteers.

A volunteer agreement can include:

  • An outline of the nature and purpose of the voluntary work
  • The days and hours that have been agreed to
  • The start date and, if appropriate, the end date
  • If there is a settling in or probation period.

It should also highlight to the volunteer that they have received, and will act in accordance with, key pieces of information including:

The agreement is normally signed during your recruitment or induction processes, so it could also take the form of a checklist.

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