Film editor's secret life as 'petrol head'

Peter Johnstone's talents in video production and editing are sought after today by the same organisation that was responsible for helping him develop these hands-on skills more than 20 years ago.

Each week Peter dedicates at least two days, and many more hours when required, assisting Yooralla's video production unit.

He edits in-house promotional and training videos and works with adult education clients and young people with disabilities, teaching them to use media and video as an advocacy tool to communicate a message. He helps to run the audio-visual component of Yooralla's major functions including their annual general meeting and also acts as a spokesman for the organisation.

In his speaking role Peter often emphasises how Yooralla has helped him live a normal life, although he has spina bifida and is in a wheelchair.

'With my disability I can't do nine to five work but doing the work I do is meaningful and flexible and I'm also able to make a contribution,' Peter says.

'I feel like I'm assisting the running of a program within the organisation and, through video, 'I'm helping Yooralla to be out there and do what it needs to do, which is help people like me.'

Peter is almost as passionate about his volunteer work as he is about car racing.

'Without Yooralla and doing what I do, I wouldn't be in a very good place,' the self-acclaimed 'petrol head' declares.

Yooralla supports people with disability to live independent and fulfilling lives, providing a range of services for them, their families and carers. A range of volunteering and fundraising opportunities are available at Yooralla. To find out more go to