Volunteering through your work

Can you really volunteer through your work? Yep, you sure can and it’s called corporate volunteering.

Your workplace might already have a volunteer program in place and you don’t even know it. It’s becoming more and more popular for businesses to create volunteer programs for their staff.

How does it work?

Corporate volunteering can work in a number of different ways but it’s not just about supporting volunteers to get involved - it’s about building meaningful partnerships.

Here are some of the opportunities that businesses can offer their employees:

  • Paid volunteer leave to support employees who take up volunteer roles
  • Team volunteering days - such as a working bee at a local school
  • ‘Virtual’ volunteering time via work computers
  • Support for skilled staff members to sit on Boards of local community organisations
  • Memberships for staff (paid by employer) to support a community group
  • A staff secondment program - for example a building company could offer it for staff to help out with a community building or refurbishment project

For more information visit our Corporate Volunteering page.

How can I volunteer through my work?

  • Firstly check out if your workplace has a volunteer program - it might not be well known
  • Find out the details of the program and consider what it is you would like to get out of the program
  • Create a list of skills that you would be able to use while volunteering
  • Using this list, find volunteering opportunities that match your skills or interest using our online volunteer matching service
  • Check with your workplace to see if the type of volunteering you will be doing is covered in the program they offer

See our Getting started page for more about researching volunteer opportunities.

My work doesn’t have a volunteering program

Although not all companies have a corporate volunteering program, it doesn’t hurt to talk to your manager or Human Resources people about support for volunteering.

  • Make sure you speak to the right people to confirm whether your workplace has a program already
  • Have a chat to your manager about the idea of a volunteering program
  • Do some research and find examples of corporate volunteering to present to your workplace or use some of the examples above
  • Suggest not-for-profit organisations that would be good for your workplace to partner with