Where can I get training?

Many volunteer organisations offer training as part of their volunteer programs either informally through in-house inductions, workshops or 'on-the-job' training or formally through accredited trainers or training organisations.

Volunteer Resource Centres also often coordinate training sessions on common volunteering topics.

But this isn't the only way you can get skilled up. You can access training at local Neighbourhood Houses, community centres or adult learning centres, take a subject or course at a TAFE college or Registered Training Organisation or do some online training.

If you have some specific skills that you'd like to acquire, talk to your volunteering coordinator about relevant training options. Or you can do your own research using the following suggestions as a starting point.

TAFE and Registered Training Organisations

There 18 TAFE institutes and over 1000 vocational education providers in Victoria offering short courses, certificates, diplomas and degrees in a wide variety of areas (many are relevant to volunteering). You don't have to do a whole course - you can just take one or two single subjects

Certificate in Active Volunteering

These qualifications are part of the Community Services Training Package. They cover people working in a volunteer capacity and includes or builds on foundation skills required by all volunteers to enable them to effectively undertake their volunteer work.

Online information and resources

You don’t always have to do a course or subject to get new skills. There are also good volunteer training resources and information that you can access on the Web any time you need them. Here’s a selection of web resources: