Working with children checks

If you volunteer with children under 18 you may need to have a Working with Children (WWC) Check.

In Victoria, the WWC Check is a mandatory minimum checking standard to protect children from people who may put them at risk. The WWC Check applies to both volunteers and employees.

The volunteering organisation should tell you if you need a WWC Check when you apply for a volunteering position, as part of the application process or during an interview or information session. If you haven't been told, or you are not sure, ask the volunteering organisation.

What does it involve?

Volunteers must apply for their own WWC Check. The check reviews their criminal record for any specific criminal offences that pose a risk to the safety of children.

If you pass the check you are issued with an Assessment Notice and a WWC Check card that you can supply to organisations where you volunteer.

There is no application fee for volunteers and the WWC Check card for volunteers only applies to volunteering roles. You will need to have a separate WWC Check if you are in a paid position where you work with children.

The card is valid for five years and is an easy way for volunteer organisations and agencies to verify your WWC status.

Who needs to apply?

Usually your volunteer organisation will tell you if you need to have a WWC Check and the cut-off date for when you need to apply. You can also see if you meet the criteria on the Who needs a Check page on the Working with Children Check website, or call the Information Line on 1300 652 879.

If you need to have a WWC Check you must do this before you start your volunteering role.

What's the application process?

To apply for the WWC Check you need to complete a WWC Check Application Form online.

Then submit your application, along with identification and a passport photo at a participating Australia Post office.

Instructions for completing the application are on the Apply for a check page on the Working with Children Check website.