What can I do?

With volunteering it's not really a case of 'what can you do?' It's more about 'what would you like to do?'

Ways to get involved

The possibilities for volunteering just might surprise you. Here are some ideas to start you thinking about ways you can get involved.

Write an article that's read by thousands

If you're a budding (or published) journalist or have a passion for a particular subject or issue, heaps of community and volunteer organisations would value your help as a writer for their brochures, website, annual reports and other publications. It's a chance to follow your passion, hone your skills, build a writing portfolio and promote a worthy cause.

Enjoy an afternoon of chatting over coffee (or over the phone)

Like coffee? Like to chat? Why not combine both and light up someone’s day as a volunteer companion or guide. Friendships can be formed just as easily over the phone or by email so this is an activity that you can also do from the comfort of your own home.

Hit the road

If you have a large car or a van and some spare time there are a number of organisations that look for drivers to help them out. You could deliver meals or library books to people who are housebound, or transport wildlife and animals.

Show someone how to draw, fish, bake cookies, abseil…

Do you have a skill or craft? Is there something that you just love to do? Then why not do it more and teach your craft (or passion) to someone else. Support groups for children, youth, seniors, migrants, people with disabilities or other disadvantaged groups would welcome volunteers to assist with social and recreational activities.

Try your hand at show biz

There are arts, music and cultural shows and festivals galore that involve artists, performers, stage and event crew, publicists, photographers, roadies, caterers, techies, hair and make up artists, set designers and builders, costume designers…you get the idea.

Discover new cultures without leaving home

Share your culture, language or background – or learn from others. Many of us enjoy learning more about a different country, culture or way of life. We also like to share our own history and stories. Volunteering provides many opportunities for people of all ages, interests, cultures and backgrounds to come together outside of the more traditional work, school and community settings.

Don't furr-get our four-legged friends

Whether it’s fostering a guide dog pup or retired racing greyhound, socialising kittens at your local animal shelter, or getting involved in a pets-as-therapy program, there are plenty of ways for lovers of all creatures great and small to spend more time with their four-legged friends.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Environmental volunteering programs are a popular way to get involved and to give a bit little bit back. Whether it's recycling old computers or bikes, installing fences, revitalising the bush, cleaning up a waterway or working on an awareness campaign there's something to suit everyone's skills, interests and availability.

Revel in history

Ever thought about getting your hands dirty in an archaeological dig? Or maybe working behind the scenes in a museum or cultural centre? There are roles for volunteers in collections, heritage, historical societies and more.

Be part of a local Backyard Blitz team

Garden and home makeovers aren’t just limited to the realm of Reality TV. If you love a bit of gardening or can’t resist strapping on a tool belt there are plenty of ways to lend a helping hand (or a green thumb) with gardening, repairs or home maintenance services for local support groups and charities.

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