About the volunteer opportunity search

These frequently asked questions explain how the opportunity search works and volunteer-involving organisations can advertise provides a rich and flexible way for prospective volunteers to find opportunities to match their needs.

What is the volunteer opportunity search?

The volunteer opportunity search on Victoria's Volunteering Portal is a powerful online search engine that provides prospective volunteers with targeted volunteer opportunities that match their location, interests and availability.

How do I advertise my positions in the volunteer opportunity search?

The Volunteering Portal is part of the network of sites using the National Volunteer Database, provided by Volunteering Australia’s GoVolunteer website.

As well as increased exposure for your volunteering roles, the National Volunteer Database provides a modern interface for loading your information, help desk for support, and the ability to track the response you receive from potential volunteers.

Any not for profit organisation (that meets the GoVolunteer criteria) can advertise through the National Volunteer Database.  The service is completely free.

To join, visit https://govolunteer.com.au/FindVolunteers, and complete the online form. You will need to have the following information handy:

  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Volunteer Personal Accident insurance details (provider, policy number and expiry)
  • Public Liability insurance details (provider, policy number and expiry)

How does the opportunity search work?

When prospective volunteers search for opportunities on the Volunteering Portal they get a list of current opportunities that match the criteria they select.

An opportunity will only appear in search results if it matches a prospective volunteer's search criteria. For example, if an opportunity doesn't require specific skills and can be done at any time then this will appear more often in search results.

Alternatively, if an opportunity is quite specialised and can only be done at set times it will be found only by people seeking that particular kind of role.

In both cases everybody wins. Volunteer organisations with general roles to fill will attract a wide pool of prospective volunteers, while those with more specific needs will attract fewer, but more targeted prospects.

How can I ensure my opportunity gets the best match with prospective volunteers?

The best way to guarantee that your opportunity gets the best possible match is to provide as much accurate information about the opportunity as you can. The more detail you can provide about the opportunity, the more likely you will target the type of volunteers that you seek.

See our Writing volunteer advertisements for some ideas on getting the most out of your opportunity creation efforts.

How do prospective volunteers apply for opportunities they are interested in?

Prospective volunteers who want to inquire about or apply for an opportunity contact your organisation directly.

An ‘Express Interest’ button appears on every opportunity details page. This opens a form where the potential volunteer enters basic information about themselves. The information is sent to the email address you provide when creating the opportunity.

Your organisation may also like to include additional instructions about the application process, such as information sessions or background checks, in the opportunity description.